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How to become a member

Pamm Millage Membership Secretary

Pamm Millage Membership Secretary

Talk to Pamm

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We are always ready to accept new members.

Who can join?

If you are already a hypnotherapist, or if you are a student currently enrolled in a hypnotherapy course, then we invite you to join.

People in many caring professions are eligible to join. These include doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, counsellors and many others. Anyone who has formal qualifications in hypnotherapy, or are current or past members of NZ hypnotherapy bodies, should apply to share in the benefits of the NZAPH.

If you are a stage hypnotist, or just someone interested in hypnosis, talk to us about joining. We are very open and friendly.

Grades of Membership

There are two basic grades: Student and Professional. The one that you qualify for will depend on your knowledge and experience.

Student members are those currently studying towards completing a recognized hypnotherapy training qualification. Alternatively you can apply for membership while studying for the NZAPH Professional Examination.

Professional Members must have completed the NZAPH Professional Examination or its equivalent. There are arrangements for the graduates of some hypnotherapy courses to join as professional members on completing their course examination. There are also arrangements for people transferring from other countries to substitute their home country's qualifications.


President of NZAPH

You are very welcome to call me. I look forward to meeting you.

Mob: 021 595 892




Dave Mason

Vice President 

Hi there,  I am the vice president of the association. Feel free to call me about any aspect of the work of the NZAPH.

Mob: 029 773 4400



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