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If you are willing to believe in secret powers, then there is someone who is more than willing to tell you that they have got them. Secret powers, magic, and mental influence do not exist. Every week it seems that someone somewhere is claiming to have some sort of unexplained knowledge and ability. And in every case, that someone is ready to let you in on it for just a few dollars down.

The reframing metaphor below is a useful tool to create doubt in the mind of anyone who refuses to disbelief any sort of guru, expert or visionary. Thousands of people were taken in by the cloud gazer, but it only took one bit of science to prove it was all fake.

The man with the secret power

In England, for one summer in the 1930s, a man became very famous in the newspapers of the time. He had the ability to control clouds. He told everyone that he could make clouds disappear solely by the power of his mind. All he had to do was just stare fixedly at a cloud, and it would vanish. He was challenged to demonstrate this. So he and some reporters went out on a sunny day in Southern England. He asked the reporters to look up in the sky and pick a cloud, any small cloud. And by the power of his mind,  he would make it disappear.

The reporters picked a cloud. He told them to watch it closely. And to their amazement, the cloud slowly vanished. He told them to pick another cloud, and that one vanished as well. The reporters were convinced. The man's ability became a sensation in the newspapers. Everybody was talking about his strange new power.

Nobody has a secret power - they're all fake

But then people started writing in from all over the country. Apparently, they too could make clouds disappear. They were ready to demonstrate it to anyone. Readers were astounded. Not only had this new power been discovered. It appeared that hundreds of other people had suddenly acquired the power as well. Maybe everybody had this power? And just were not aware of it?

Then spoilsport meteorologists came along. They said that clouds are in constant change. If you watch any cloud for long enough, it will get bigger or smaller, or simply disappear. The change had nothing to do with the power of the watchers. It had everything to do with the nature of clouds. Anyone who actually understood what they were talking about would know that clouds changed whether you stared at them or not.

Remind yourself of this story the next time you hear about the latest secret mind power expert.



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