Cruise Control Metaphor

Cruise Control Reframe Metaphor

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Cruise Control Metaphor

Use this metaphor for clients who are over anxious or feel 'driven' all the time. It is about knowing what your goals are and how to to get to them. It points out the lesson that we all tend to rush at things that we shouldn't and waste time worrying when we should be powering ahead.

It uses the idea of putting your life on 'cruise control'. Just as you can leave it up to the car to maintain its speed, you can learn to allow your life to determine its own rate of progress, and stop trying to control everything. The metaphor is about letting things happen in a natural way.

Cruise Control Metaphor

I used to have to drive to another city several times a month. The journey took about eight hours. I could have gone by plane or train but I had a lot of gear to take with me. Also I enjoy driving. It's good to get out on the road from time to time. I tried various routes but it always took about the same time. I used to go as fast as I could, but got frustrated by slower vehicles and bends in the road. I always arrived tired and grumpy.

Then I bought another car. This one had cruise control. With cruise control you just set the speed and the car takes over. It maintains that speed for you and all you have to do is point the car in the right direction. I loved it. It turned driving into steering. I would set the cruise control to just under the speed limit and take my feet off the pedals and just enjoy the scenery going by.

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So what I discovered is that it is not about driving as fast as you can. Driving fast is actually about not slowing down. When things look difficult, remember that the road has been designed for you to go to the limit, and that the rules are there to protect you. By accepting that invisible partnership, you can go further and faster than you ever thought possible.



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