Hypnosis Induction Script Overload

Overload Hypnosis Induction Script

Hard to Hypnotize Resistance Hypervigilance Difficult

How to deal with resistant clients

The Overload Hypnosis Induction Script  is ideal for anxious clients. In hard-to-hypnotize people it works by focusing their attention on evaluating what they see, or hear or physically feel to the exclusion of all else. This overloads their mind.

The overload induction works for any clients. For resistant clients it stops the anxious thoughts that interfere with trance. Hypervigilant clients have too much to think about. Over-analytical clients find that the overload induction gives them so many things to analyze that it actually leads them into trance.

The script shows how to use whatever is happening in the environment. You get the client to focus on each input as it occurs, piling on the sensory inputs and not giving them time to deal with any one sensation before moving on. It works because it overwhelms the analytical person's tendency to critically examine every word. It gives them too many suggestions to keep track of them all. And so their mind just gives up trying and accepts whatever you say.

Use the Overload Hypnosis Induction Script to put analytical and hyper-vigilant clients into trance. Switch to it when your think your standard induction is failing.

Overload Hypnosis Induction Script

Overload the analytical mind...
Just settle into the chair, and get comfortable.. I am going to be talking about various things and you might want to keep track of them.... or you might not... it's up to you... to let go when you wantIPermission to be in control
so settle back and settle down... and you can close your eyes... anytime you want to ....I
Overload with sounds...
 VisualizeAnd I'd like you to listen to the sound of my voice and the sound of the words that I am using... and maybe think about the shapes of the words...Thinking about analyzing words
and as you do become aware of the other sounds around... the sounds from within the building... out in the street... the sounds coming from inside you.... and the sounds of my words as they are rising and falling, changing...Overload with sounds
and these sounds can be so interesting and you can find them relaxing you... and the only sound you need to listen to as you hear the other sounds is the sound of my voice...>
and that sound can make you want to relax and settle even more... and you can find yourself going deeper into the chair as you relax to the words...>
Overload by adding touch sensations...
- - - - - - - -
The rest of this script is in the Inductions Script Collection
- - - - - - - -
Soft and gentle and relaxed... feeling everything relaxing and softening loosening more and more enjoying the release.... and now aware that your face is relaxed... your jaw is relaxing.... thinking or not thinking aware of all the tension is gone completelyD
and down relaxed released not thinking not knowing not caring every muscle relaxed feeling so good... so calm... know you could ... but can't be bothered....Mind reading
And everything lets go... goes down until there is only being and not being... floating and drifting.... so nice to just let go....Dissociation
[either do another deepener, or carry on with the therapy]



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