Finding Lost Items

Finding Lost Items

Using hypnosis to find lost items


This is a script for finding lost items. Hypnosis has been often used successfully to remind people of what they did with things. Sometimes it is their last chance to find the lost object.

Deliberately forgetting

Sometimes the mind deliberately forgets where something is. One famous case of remembering a lost item was where a woman put away her wedding ring, and then could not find it. Putting it away was a metaphor for her failing marriage. Her mind refused to let her 'find' the ring again until hypnosis revealed the location of the lost item.

Many people believe that your mind never forgets anything. They regard the mind as like a continuous recording device that keeps everything. Mostly this knowledge is hidden away and never comes to light. But hypnosis sometimes can persuade your mind to remember where the lost item was last seen. The induction opens up your subconscious mind. You have a much wider store of memories than you can normally access. You open up that memory store and allow your mind find what you are looking for.

Using the universal consciousness for finding lost items

Some people believe it can only work where your mind actually knows where the missing thing is. They think that if it accidentally slipped out of your pocket, then there is nothing in your memory to recover, so it won't work. Other people are more open to the universal consciousness. Tapping into the universal mind  can allow the location of the lost object to appear as if in a dream. That fact that you do not know where it is does not mean the universe does not know.

The Finding Lost Items script uses a metaphor of  memory releasing and bubbling up like bubbles in a pond. It then suggests that your subconscious will work overnight to  open up different ways of allowing the mind to release the knowledge of the lost item. The script then suggests to your subconscious other ways it may use in finding lost items.


[Use your normal induction to trance... then....]
Pond metaphor... memories laid down in layers
I wonder if you can imagine a pond or a small lake somewhere... a place where there is quiet water... with gentle ripples on the surface... and clear water underneath...Vcalming metaphor
and imagine now... that you were able to see down into that pond... in your mind... swimming effortlessly down through clear warm water... among gently waving plants and fish darting away...Videa of depth
floating... safe and secure... allowing the current to carry you this way and that... becoming aware of all the things under the surface...reassure non swimmers!
And here and there are clear patches on the bottom... areas of flat lake bed ... a soft comfortable surface made up of layer upon layer... and each layer is laid down day after day by material falling from above...VMetaphor of exposing the layers
Memoryand those layers build up... year after year... leaves float slowly down... dust and sand drift down... deeper and deeper... forming a complete record of everything that has happened to that pond... gently laying down a perfect history of events...Mall memories are there waiting...
Bubble Metaphor
And as your mind drifts slowly around that place... you notice here and there... shafts of light penetrating down into the water... and where the light shines the layers are illuminated... and now and then a bright crystal bubble detaches... and rises to the surface...MLight = understanding
And you can watch as another bubble detaches and rises... expanding as it goes... wobbling and weaving its way to the surface uncertainly... rising...Msmall inevitable change
And allow yourself to drift across the sands of time... knowing that nothing matters... nothing is important... just relaxing... floating... drifting...
and as part of your mind is feeling that floaty... drifty... way... another part of your mind is going through old memories... like watching scraps of an old movie... things appear and disappear... fading in and out of focus...Dsuggestions of incomplete images
and in your mind... you can become aware of another bubble that is ready to detach... and somehow you know that it is ready now... laid down in those layers long ago... things have happened... and that bubble is now feeling the pressure to rise... to emerge... to come out into the light...DReady to come up
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 The full script  is in the Supernatural Scripts collection  
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The Finding Lost Items script uses a structure you can adapt. You can adapt it to finding other memories that you thought you had lost. Maybe memories of old loves, or places that you want to remember again. Or change the Finding Lost Items script to allow hidden worries to surface so you can deal with them.



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