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Is there an Earworm in your head?

Is there a maddening tune going round in your head?

Most of us from time to time will find a song going through our head that stays there and you can't get rid of it. It is sometimes called an 'earworm'. I have always been curious as to the origin of the earworm and why we have them. I find that I get the same small set of songs popping into my head at random times. So I got to wondering if they really were random.
I am a hypnotist, and I have a deep interest in the unconscious. I believe that the unconscious mind determines conscious behavior. So to me, the origins of the 'earworms' must some from some process in the unconscious that from time to time leaks out into the conscious. My theory is that if you have a word, or a phrase or a song in your head, then that must be associated with some unconscious process going on.

Those repetitive tunes have meaning

So I monitored what songs they were, and what was happening when they appeared. I sometimes get the same song three times a day, but I can also get that song only after months have passed. To me, there is nothing obvious about the actual words used, or the chorus or anything else that would explain why it appears or what made it relevant.
But after thinking about two particular songs, I think I have managed to work out what is going on, for me at least.

One common song I get in my head is the old Simon and Garfunkel classic "Keep the customer satisfied" I used to worry about how some of the lyrics applied to me, such as 'I get slandered, libeled' or 'one step away from the county line', which made no sense at all in my life.

Find the key phrase

But then I realized that the song appears immediately after something unexpected and good happens to me. The key phrase is the first line "Gee but it's great to be back home". It has nothing to do with being back home - I never left. But I think what is happening is that as I am feeling "Gee it's great" in response to some event in my life, that unconscious feeling is triggering the onset of the song, and it continues playing over and over in my head until the feeling passes.
I get the same thing with 'Raindrops keep falling on my head'. The key to the onset of this song is when I thought that I had done something wrong, or things were going badly. But then I realise that it is actually turning out OK. The key phrase here is "Nothing's worrying me". That is exactly how I feel unconsciously, and that is the feeling that the song encapsulates.

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hypnosis appointment

How do you deal with a Missed Appointment?

missed appointment

Missed hypnosis appointment

When hypnotherapists get together it always comes round to talking about appointment cancellations and no-shows and what to do about it. Some therapists want their clients to sign legal agreements with various penalties for not turning up for their appointment, or with rules for how much notice they have to give. I think the bad feeling that comes from trying to enforce appointments outweighs any benefit. I don't do it.

I have no-shows just like everybody else, but I just accept it as part of normal business. You will have cancellations, missed appointments, and bad payers in every business. You are especially likely to have them when your clients are mostly people with psychological problems that they need help with.
So if missed appointment is always going to be a problem, what is the right policy?

For no shows, my policy is to try to minimize it occurring, and then to just accept it when it happens. I use a commercial online booking service that lets the client select the appointment time they want from a show of available times. The process collects their email address and sends them online stuff to read about hypnosis, what they have to do before the session, answers to common questions, and instructions on how to get there, parking etc. The software sends them a reminder the day before or on the Friday for a weekend appointment. I find that the reminder is the most effective way of avoiding no-shows.

Cancellation is a deliberate action by the client. The service I use allows the client to reschedule appointments or to cancel bookings altogether. They can change their bookings as often as they want. I think the best policy is to be flexible and to allow the client to select the time that is best for them, accepting that sometimes they have to cancel at short notice.

When I client doesn't turn up I usually have lots of paperwork I have to do anyway, and I can do it during the free time that suddenly appears, instead of after I have seen the last client. I don't see a missed appointment as a big deal.

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Dave Mason PhD


Welcome to

This site,, is the revised and expanded version of was in operation for about eight years. Before that the site was known as

I started shortly after I started doing hypnotherapy. At that time I had no intention of becoming a hypnotherapist, as I had a full-time job as a university professor. I used the site largely for my own interest. I was studying hypnosis, practicing techniques, and learning how things worked.  It was a way of gathering my notes together. So I started organizing my studies under headings and decided to put them online.

Over the years as an academic I have found that the best way for me to learn something is to teach it to someone else. So as I studied a a topic, I would open a webpage for that topic and write it as if I was explaining it to some intelligent person with no background in hypnosis. Over time, and by that I mean four or five years, more and more topics were added and the site began to attract attention.

Hypnosis Scripts

I began to get emails and enquiries from people all around the world. In particular I got requests for scripts. It was obvious to me that most of the scripts on the Internet were out of date. As an academic, I am used to researching and investigating. What I discovered was that many of the scripts in circulation are incredibly old, some as old as the 1920s and 1930s. There were better ones, but these were mostly copied out of well-known textbooks without acknowledging their source.

And a lot of them were written by people who really didn't know what they were doing. I discovered that there were dozens and dozens of scripts in circulation which consisted of little more than a string of direct suggestion such as "You are now a non-smoker. You do not like smoking. Never smoke again. Smoking turns you off." This type of pseudo-hypnosis script shows no knowledge of hypnosis theory and no evidence that they have been used by practicing hypnotists.

Developing better scripts

So I started looking into what makes a good script. And I asked myself "what makes a script effective?". I then spent about three years part-time researching and studying how and why the words used in hypnosis actually work. On the way I investigated metaphor therapy, Gestalt therapy, direct suggestion, NLP, aversion therapy, parts therapy, clean language and every other hypnosis technique.

While testing out all these techniques on my clients I started to write scripts so that I would have the exact structure and wording I wanted. I of course wrote these in a word processor, so it was just as easy to put them onto the website. In a fairly short time I published dozens and dozens of  new original scripts and made them free for anyone to use. 

Commercial Script writing

I then got a very cheeky email from someone telling me it was too much trouble for him to cut-and-paste the scripts himself. He demanded that I send him all the scripts in a single document. 

Well, this got me thinking. "Maybe I could bundle up the scripts and sell them as a collection?". I did that, and was amazed to immediately get half a dozen orders. This then developed into a nice little sideline and I wrote more and more and more scripts.

Spoken script downloads

Then I got requests to have the scripts delivered in a spoken MP3 recording. I made some trial recordings and send them out to people. They were well received. And then I discovered a problem. When I recorded the phrase "a recording by" it was indistinguishable from the phrase "a recording by". Because they sounded the same, in promoting my recordings I was actually promoting someone else's website. The name hypknowsis was just a little bit too clever.

So I transferred the website to a new website name that wouldn't be confused. It was called I updated the website added a lot more material and hundreds more scripts. And it was very successful.

Arrival of the pirates

In fact it was so successful that it got copied and pirated all over the Internet. Other wannabes jumped on the name keyhypnosis and registered similar sounding names. Then I discovered that the easiest way for anyone to get my scripts was just to search for the term "key hypnosis scripts" in Google. That would take you to half a dozen sites where you could download my scripts for free.

Dozens of talentless nobodies had figured out the fastest way to look cool was to steal my material and say they wrote it. It got even worse. A surprising number of newcomers to hypnosis decided  that the best way to build a good website cheap was to cut-and-paste pages from my website. Sites all over the Internet had complete pages reproduced from my site. They even have the nerve to put copyright and their name on the bottom of it. To top it off, I discovered a site in India had copied my entire site into the local language. Without, of course, mentioning that it was a rip-off.

Imitation is the sincerest form of showing no talent

It wasn't just scripts that got pirated. I developed affirmations as an aid to therapy and created over six hundred brand-new original affirmations. I posted them into a special section of the website. And of course there are now literally dozens and dozens of blogs and websites all over the Internet listing my affirmations.

Somebody once said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Somebody else said it is the sincerest form of showing that you have no talent whatsoever. On the Internet, for every one person producing original work, there are 200 people copying it. And almost no way of stopping them.

Defeat by the pirates

I prided myself on the fact that every word on my site is original, researched and based on the best current knowledge about hypnosis. And every word was getting stolen. I left the key hypnosis site up but stopped developing it.

I lost heart. There is just no point in writing original scripts and developing metaphors when they are just going to be  copied and pasted the next day on other sites. This experience is not unique to me, but it really is going to be an ongoing threat to anyone producing original material.


With the site I am back in the game. I now have more time and I have started developing new material again. So I am doing two things. I am redesigning the site to put more emphasis on selling scripts. And I'm going to relentlessly pursue the people who steal my material.

I will greatly expand the site, and revise everything as I transfer them. I have also moved the entire site into WordPress. It is updated to a fresh and modern look. The site is completely mobile-responsive so that it can be viewed on portable devices. and the future

The site will be developed to become the premier hypnosis site on the Internet. My aim is to make it the go-to place to get everything you want to know about hypnosis. And the place for the best hypnosis scripts.

I look forward to hearing from you.


David Mason


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