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Stop Smoking Hypnosis Scripts

With the right script, hypnosis is the No.1 successful treatment for smoking.

This collection of stop smoking scripts has been developed from years of experience with every type of client. Forty-a-day smokers have walked out and never thought about a cigarette again.

Hypnosis is effective because with the right approach you can eliminate the psychological need to smoke, and by fixing that, you end the habit.  You may use one session hypnosis or more, but with the right methods the typical smoker can stop instantly and forever. These scripts will help convince any smoker that they can give up. With these scripts you can help your clients give up smoking is easily and permanently, with no weight gain and no replacement habits.

These stop smoking consultant scripts use the right combination of  techniques to really target smoking where it lives, in the unconscious mind. Make sure you have the tools ready for whatever type of smoker comes to you.

What you get in the Stop Smoking Scripts Collection


Stop Smoking Hypnosis Scripts

Traditional Direct Suggestion script

Direct suggestion for stopping. This script uses carefully targeted direct suggestions to influence the unconscious mind. Shows how to use this style of hypnosis to quit smoking. Old fashioned but effective.

Visualize Stopping Smoking

Stop smoking Visualization Script. This script uses the power of visualization to allow the unconscious mind to make the changes needed to become a non-smoker for life.


stop smoking with NLP

NLP anchoring script. How to use NLP techniques to stop smoking. Anchoring links the smoker's inner strengths and feelings to external triggers. When the trigger fires it now find and applies resources to enable stopping.

Make the cigs task horrible

Use aversion to stop smoking. A script to stop smoking by making the cigarettes taste revolting. A very effective way of getting people to stop smoking. Particularly effective with secret smokers.


Back to when it started

Stop smoking with regression. This script demonstrates how to use the technique of Regression to Cause applied to stop smoking. It incorporates visualisation and metaphor therapy.

Get them motivated

Stop smoking motivation script. A metaphor based script to get your client motivated to stop right now.


Change beliefs script

Stopping smoking is about changing belief. Many people want to stop smoking but are convinced that somehow they can't. This script changes that belief so that now they believe they can stop.

Listen to your body

Stop smoking Organ Script. An unusual script that addresses the body's organs directly, and listens to them as they begged the client to stop smoking, and stop damaging them. Strange but effective.


Remove the anxiety

Anxiety Removal. Many smokers smoke because they have some unidentified anxiety deep inside. They smoke to avoid the anxiety. Much better to remove it. 


Other Techniques for stopping smoking

Smoking relapse prevention

Smoking relapse prevention. A post hypnotic suggestion metaphor to anchor into the subconscious mind an unshakable belief that the client will not relapse in future.


Schoolroom stop smoking metaphor

Schoolroom stop smoking metaphor. A metaphor of wiping away the smoking habit to leave a clean slate, and leave smoking behind in the past where it belongs.


Tape Measure metaphor

Stop smoking metaphor of a tape measure. This metaphor compares your life to a tape measure. Some of the tape has been pulled out and has got dirty and damaged. Some of the tape is still inside the container fresh and unexposed. You can clean the old tape, and protect the new.


Advanced metaphor therapy technique.

Big Purple Elephant. An example of the multiple embedded metaphors technique. This script shows how to create specially tailored metaphors for someone who believes they cannot give up smoking. Advanced technique.


Metaphor Replacement technique

Metaphor Replacement. This is a technique for replacing positive mental images of smoking with a negative image. By replacing the positive image you replace the positive feelings and help the smoker stop. 


Bonus Scripts for Smokers

Breaking the smoking cycle

Break the smoking cycle. A powerful visualization of the commitment to stop. This script gets the client to make a public promise that they then cannot go back on.


Smoking induction script

Smoking induction script. A special induction for smokers. Puts them into trance and seeds the idea of stopping smoking with hypnosis even before you start on the therapy.


Self Hypnosis script

Take away cravings through self hypnosis. A script to teach your clients how to go into self hypnosis and relax into non-smokers. Step-by-step instructions on how to go into trance quickly and reliably.


Relaxation Island script

The script is a hypnotic visualisation of relaxing on a tropical beach somewhere. Show the smoker how to let go of all their problems. This script is as good as a holiday.


Bonus Marketing Materials for Smokers

Stop smoking behaviour checklist

Stop smoking checklists. A checklist  for motivation and one for smoking behavior. These are reminders that ensure that you find all the relevant resources, opportunities and barriers.


Handouts for clients

A bunch of useful documents. Use these to help manage your business. Handout to give to clients or send in advance before meeting them in the office.

What is Hypnotherapy?

What happens in a Hypnotherapy session?

Why choose Hypnotherapy?

What to expect in the first session.

What you get from stopping… it’s all good.

Research evidence on the effectiveness of hypnosis

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Scripts


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