Paranormal Scripts

Paranormal Hypnosis Scripts


The Paranormal script collection covers many different techniques for accessing the unconscious mind. The collection includes many unusual scripts such as Past Life Regression, Locating Lost Items from a distance, Totem Spirit Guides, and reversing the effects of Alien Abduction.

The unconscious mind can be revealed by hypnosis. Cultures all over the world have recognized the power of the 'dreamtime', of the supernatural ability to know the unknowable, to get in touch with other realms, to communicate directly through spirituality to some higher power. Now experience that for yourself.

It also includes Chakra exercises and how to do an out of body experience. Plus bonus scripts to explore other aspects of the mind's special regenerative powers.

What you get in the Paranormal Collection


Alien abduction Script

Alien Abduction and UFO. Use this script to de-program victims of UFO abduction. 


Pain Control

Out of Body Experience

Out of Body Experience. Use Astral Projection to float out of your body and up into the space between the stars. 

Past Life Regression Script

How to do a Past Life Regression. Find out if you had a past life. 

Totem Animal script

Totem Animal Script

Get connected to your totem animal. Every living thing has a spirit and you can allow that to guide you. 

Find Lost Items script

Find Lost Items Script

Use hypnosis to explore your unconscious mind to find the location of lost items.


Chakra Energy Balancing exercises

Locate source of your Psychic Energy with these four Chakra Energy Balancing exercises. 


Six Step Reframe Script

The Six Step Reframe Script lets you journey into the deepest parts of your own mind.  


Worry Garden script

The Worry Garden script is an extended metaphor for removing stress, similar to the Worry Tree.


Increase Confidence Metaphor script

Increase Confidence with this metaphor script. Use your past successes to give increased confidence in the future.


Paranormal Hypnosis Scripts


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