Stop smoking checklists


Make sure you identify all the opportunities, resources and barriers


Stop Smoking checklists are useful reminders. In order to replace the beliefs the client holds about smoking you must first identify what those beliefs are. This checklist of questions about stopping smoking is used to remind the therapist to cover every relevant aspect to reveal why, when and how the client smokes. It may also identify resources the client has. These answers provide a collection of targets and resources to use to personalize the session for each smoker.

How many do you smoke a day?Behaviour
When did you start?Environment
Why did you start?Beliefs
What was going on in your life when you started smoking?Environment
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The rest of this checklist is in the Stop Smoking Scripts collection 
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The therapist would not normally ask all the questions in the checklist directly. Most of the information will come out naturally as the client describes their smoking behavior. The check list is just to ensure that no potentially useful areas are missed.

As well as being a source of resources for the therapist, the constant reiteration of 'How will you stop, when will you stop, what will people think when you stop' etc. works on the client by priming the subconscious mind. That way, they will be thinking about ways of stopping even before the session begins.


Ninety percent of smokers say they want to stop smoking, but to quit smoking, to give up smoking without cravings, they have to change their motivation. The smoker has to go from being motivated to smoke, to being motivated to stop, and to stay stopped. That is why stopping smoking with hypnosis is so effective. Hypnotherapy acts on the beliefs about smoking and smoking cessation by altering the motivations of the smoker so that they find it easy to stop smoking.

What are you going to do instead of smoking? 
What situation or time would be most risky for starting again? 
 How are you going to reward yourself for giving up? 
What will be different when you give up? 
What will you be able to do when you give up? 
What will you do with the extra time? 
What will you spend the money on? 
What will be the biggest benefit? 
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The rest of this checklist is in the Stop Smoking Scripts collection 
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The Behavior After Stopping section is important. Most clients have no clear idea of what life would be like after they give up. The literally cannot imagine it. They are unlikely to offer this information unprompted, so any time spent in this section will put positive images into their mind that can be used as a resource once the session starts.


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