Sexual Health


Sexual Health is an important part of your life.

If things are not working out the way you want in the bedroom then every other part of your life can be affected. Everyone has different sexual needs and expectations. When these are not available, you can feel stressed, anxious, and depressed. Sexual Health Hypnosis can help.

Your sexuality is very personal, and only you know what you feel. No one else has the right to an opinion about what is and is not right for you. Sexual health problems include loss of interest in sex, lack of genital feeling, doubts about relationships, discomfort during intercourse, porn addiction, fetish behavior, gender confusion, promiscuity and many more.

Whatever your problem, there is a way to help it. Sometimes is about re-centering you; sometimes it is about re-establishing self esteem, sometimes it a matter of psychological guidance. This collection of scripts covers all these things.

Act early on sexual health problems

If things are not going the way you want them, then you need to address the issue. Hiding it does not help. Thousands of people have the same problem, and have been helped.

Therapy for sexual health takes many forms. But the most important thing is to accept the problem as soon as you notice it and seek some help. It is a mistake to think that because you are in a relationship, it will eventually sort itself out. It is a mistake think that any problems are your fault. They usually are now

Hypnosis can help in many ways. Sexual health includes performance issues for men and woman, personal sexuality and gender, and relationship issues. These scripts are based on psychology only. None of them involve physically touching a partner.

9 Scripts for sexual health, plus three bonus scripts

Male sexual performance anxiety

Help for the man with sexual performance anxiety. This hypnotherapy script shows how to cure male sexual dysfunction for a young male's sexual performance anxiety.


Sexual Performance Assurance

Sexual Performance Assurance. To reverse the effects of sexual performance failure. A hypnosis visualization that assures the man of being able to perform normally.

Premature Ejaculation

Help for men with Premature Ejaculation problems.


Sexual performance mirror visualization

A hypnotic visualization of perfect sex that will influence you subconscious mind to what to expect. And the next time that is what you will get. Gets rid of any worries about performance.

Improve sexual confidence

A script to boost sexual confidence. This visualization guides the man through the hypnotic experience of having a sex encounter that is perfect. Knowing your are the best is programmed into the unconscious.

Fear of Intercourse

A script for female fear of intercourse, inability to have sex, vaginismus.

Sexual Abuse Recovery

A metaphor therapy to recovery from past Sexual Abuse.

Accepting your Gay Child

A script to bring family reconciliation with having a gay child. Accepting your gay child can be difficult. This script allows the parent to show love to a child who still needs it.

Accepting Being Gay

A script to assist in coming to terms with being gay and accepting your sexuality.


Fairy Tale Therapy

Write out your life as a Fairy Tale to create a new ending for your childhood.

Inner Child Spiritual Healing

How to use the Inner Child Healing Technique to clear old hurts.

Change the past

A metaphor of a mirror that shows what happened in your life but lets you change the past.

Spirit of Time MP3

An audio MP3 recording Spirit of Time is included. This will help motivate you to make long term changes and reach your goals.


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