Library of Discovery

Library of Discovery

Change your past rewrite your future

Discover your own future

The Library of Discovery is a Clinical Metaphor Script for a journey to self discovery. Help your client let go of the past. The script uses your own inner capabilities to become aware of your true self, and to understand who you really want to be. This script will help forget the past and create a different future.

The metaphor takes you into a room full of books. Some are ancient and some are brand new. These are books of lives. Your life is there. You take down the book and open it and inside is the story of your life. By altering the pages you can rewrite the bad things in your life. You can discover the reasons why things happened. Then you are free to know what your future holds.


 And at the bottom of the steps the door swings open for you... smoothly, silently ... you are inside a large room... it extends away on all sides as far as you can see... and everywhere are shelves... shelves filled with books, papers, journals, diaries, newspapers, report cards, evaluations, references... a vast library lies under that forbidding looking building...V 
Memoryyou walk towards the back, going ever deeper in with each step... on each side are books on shelves, some are very ancient, their covers blackened with age, smelling musty, spines cracked and split, falling apart... and some books are only a few pages long, almost brand new, fresh and shiny, bright and youthful... and if you listen closely, you hear a murmuring... a quiet sound seemingly coming from each book... like a conversation overheard in the night... and as you pass each shelf you get a feeling... a tingle... as if the life of the author had reached out and touched you... and you realise that this is a special magical place... each book represents a life lived... each book is the sum of living so far... a record that grows and changes...Akinesthetic
MemoryAnd as you reach the central area... that same aged figure appears again... and points off to the side... to a particular shelf... and there... one particular book is lying by itself... waiting for you... unique and special... with your name on the cover...  
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 The rest of this Clinical metaphor script is in the collection  
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