Hypnosis Sleep Scripts


Hypnosis Sleep Scripts for a good night's rest

Understanding sleep problems

Poor sleep is a common problem but sleep issues can be very hard to identify. So it very useful to have a range of hypnosis sleep scripts available. The first thing to do is to establish whether the sleeplessness is something recent, or whether they have suffered from it for a long time. Then apply one of these Hypnosis Sleep Scripts.

Short term sleeping problems can be due to personal internal issues, usually related to worry about life situations, health, relationships, anticipation of something exciting, stressful external events, or childcare concerns.

They can also be the result of external matters: shift work changes, illness, pain, indigestion, partner snoring, or sleeping in an unfamiliar place. In general, for short term sleeping problems, if you change the situation, or wait until it changes, then normal sleep patterns will start again on their own.

Hypnosis Sleep scripts for better sleep

Long term sleep problems can be due to physical or physiological reasons.  The most common long term sleep problem is caused by depression. Depression commonly makes people wake up in the early hours and not be able to get back to sleep. Some forms of depression make people sleep far too long and make them difficult to wake. These issues should be referred to a doctor. 

That still leaves a wide area of  emotional and psychological issues where hypnosis can be used. Long term anxiety, worry and stress prevent good sleep. These can all be helped by hypnotherapy. These scripts are aimed at that type of problem.  Hypnosis can be very effective. 

10 Hypnosis Scripts for Sleep, plus 3 bonus scripts

Stop Teeth Grinding hypnosis script

Hypnosis for better sleep. The Stop Teeth Grinding hypnosis script aims at stopping the physical habit. The teeth grinding is actually caused by some deep anxiety. However, it is possible to end bruxism without looking for the source of the anxiety. 

Insomnia script

Talk yourself to sleep. Insomnia Hypnosis script for people who can't sleep now, but used to sleep OK. A series of hypnotic inductions that will  lead you into trance ready to go to sleep.

Stop Snoring Hypnosis script

This stop snoring script works by priming the snorer to become aware of their own snoring. This then triggers their unconscious mind to make them move to a position where they do not snore. Over time, this becomes automatic.

Ignoring Snoring Hypnosis script

This stop snoring script works by priming the snorer to become aware of their own snoring. This then triggers their unconscious mind to make them move to a position where they do not snore. Over time, this becomes automatic.

Sleep without Pills

The sleep without pills script is for someone who is still dependent on sleeping aids, and believes they do not need pills, but cannot stop relying on them. Helps to convince that pills are no longer needed. 

Self Hypnosis Sleep

This Self Hypnosis Sleep script is designed to teach people how to go to sleep and to instil the belief that they really can go to sleep. It teaches them that they can go into trance, and that going into trance is the way to go to sleep.

Sleep Visualization

This script shows an easy way to put yourself into trance by Sleep Visualization. Going into trance leads to going into sleep. So you choose where and when to sleep. Take control of your own sleep patterns.

End Sleep Anxiety

This script will End Sleep Anxiety. Many people can't sleep because of negative thoughts going round and round in their mind at night. This script can remove the source of those thoughts and worries. 

Restless Legs

Twitching and jerking legs as you go to sleep are the result of trauma being help in your muscles. This script shows how to release that tension by teaching your muscles to let go all the suppressed tension. 

Train your mind for sleep

It is possible to train your mind for sleep. This is a short routine to practice every night until it becomes a habit. Use it regularly and you will train yourself to go to sleep.

plus 3 Bonus Scripts

Worry Garden Metaphor

The Worry Garden Metaphor is a Clinical Script for relieving stress. Visualize your worries as objects, bury them in the garden, watch them become flowers. A simple but powerful relaxing mental exercise.

Relaxation Island

Relaxation Island is a luxurious visualization that takes you deep into trance, relaxing on a tropical island, allowing all your problems to drift away. Reducing stress increases good sleep patterns.

Public Commitment to change

By making a Public Commitment to change you reinforce your own chances of being successful. If you tell others about ending your habit you are committed to a course of action you can't go back on.



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