Healing Hypnosis Scripts

Healing Hypnosis Scripts

Hypnotherapy for Health

Healing Hypnosis Scripts

Scripts to help people with health problems. Use hypnosis and hypnotic metaphor to improve their quality of life. With these scripts you can really make a difference.


Eczema Control script

This Eczema Psoriasis Hypnosis script gives a natural option for some chronic skin problems. Your skin is very sensitive to psychological influence. Long term skin problems are usually the result of stress. Your worries show in your skin. Remove the cause of the stress and the skin rapidly heals.

Asthma Control Metaphor script

Asthma Control script shows how to use metaphor to control psychological reactions to stress.

Picky eater script for children

How to get your child to eat anything. Use the child's imagination and their love a good story to avoid battles at mealtimes. 

Recovering from Miscarriage script

Recovering from Miscarriage script gives a gentle way for a woman to re-interpret what happened to her. The script prepares her to try again and feel good about herself.

Harmony fertility script

Harmony fertility script gives the woman a way to reconcile conflicting parts of her body. Sometimes a woman feels as if there is a barrier in her mind stopping her getting pregnant. This script takes her into her own unconscious mind and works out a way to keep all parts of her happy.

Fairy tale therapy

A script to rewrite your life. Create a metaphor of your life in the form of a fairy tale. By working through your fairly tale you will find the magic to change.

Healing Hypnosis  Scripts

Healing Hypnosis Scripts


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