Erotic Head Massage foreplay


Erotic Head and Shoulder Massage

A massage therapy to start foreplay

An Erotic Head Massage  is a lovely way to relax your partner and induce foreplay to get ready for sex. Massaging the face and head is sensual and intimate. This script shows how to do an Indian head massage properly and how to combine it with an erotic hypnosis induction.

This process has to be done very gently. The neck is very delicate - no sudden movements, no excess force, no twisting or pushing. Everything should be a caress, sliding your hands over her scalp and skin, soft and loving, slow and gentle. Take it slow and easy. Foreplay should last a while.



Erotic Head Massage Foreplay Script

A gentle erotic head massage foreplay before sex

 Set up  
 Position your partner so that she is sitting comfortably in a way that you can stand behind her and you are able to move to the side of her. If she has long hair tied up then get her to let it down.
Ask her to take her glasses off and you remove your watch.
 Standing behind her say...  
 Now I want you to be sitting comfortably... try just moving your head around... loosen up your neck muscles... lift up your shoulders and let them drop... waggle your arms around and then lay them in your lap.... Relax muscles of her neck and shoulders
 I am going to give you a lovely neck and head massage... Is that OK? Get permission
 Now if at any time you feel I am pressing too hard, or you feel uncomfortable in any way.... just say so, OK? Safety

The shoulder massage

 stand behind her and place your hands lightly on her shoulders....  
 Now I would like you to take three deep breaths... and as you breath out... really let yourself relax....D 
 1. Now start gently squeezing the muscle that runs along the top of the shoulder up to the neck. First, squeeze the muscle close to her neck with each hand, then move and squeeze in the middle... and then squeeze again near the shoulder. Do this very softly to start with.  
Capability And as you feel my hands gently moving on your body... you can begin to pay attention to your breathingIStart breathing induction
 2. Then repeat the three squeezes again... a little more firmly....  
 and as you breath in and out... you can feel your body starting to relaxD 
 3. Then repeat the three squeezes on more time... a little more firmly still....  
 Relaxing more and more.... feel those muscles loosening.... softening.... relaxing..Dpace and lead
 - - - - -  
 - - The rest of this script is in the Erotic Hypnosis Scripts Collection - -  
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This script is part of the Erotic Hypnosis Collection.


Not available as a single script. 

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