erotic head massage foreplay


Erotic Sex Foreplay Head Massage

Hypnotize her through your finger tips


 The erotic head massage foreplay script is a pleasant and effective way of getting your partner ready for sex. 



Extract from Erotic Foreplay Head induction



Erotic hypnosis Set up

PositionYou should have your lover lying with her head in your lap, relaxed, somewhere comfortable, with no distractions or sudden noises. She should have only loose clothes on.  
ReachArrange your positions so that you can easily touch her forehead, without any awkward straining, because you will be doing it for quite a while. You might want to use a little skin cream or something from her makeup bag as a lubricant for your fingers. Her head can become very heavy after a while so make sure you are both comfortable in your body positions.  
 Erotic hypnotic sexual induction  
 [This section is said to your partner]  
 I would like you to take a deep breath now... and then just let it out.... Breathing
 Now settle yourself comfortably... let your head relax.... your neck relax... Induction
 take another deep breath... and let it out.... that's right...  
 and now let your shoulders relax... your arms loose and floppy.... let your tummy relax...  
 one last breath... and let it go....  
 and let your thighs relax... let your legs lie heavy and still... if you are not comfortable arrange yourself so you are completely at ease... and relax deeply...  
 and when you are ready to relax completely... let your eyes close.... Bind
 [Now start gently, very gently... start rubbing the forehead in little soft circles .... about the size of a large coin... in the middle of the forehead.... you should be barely touching the skin.... keep rubbing and circling and gently brushing the skin... occasionally lifting your fingers away briefly... while you talk in a soft voice...]  
 I want you to focus your attention on the feel of my fingers on your skin.... become aware of those gentle touches.... focus on enjoying that little light touch... feel the brush on the texture of your skin... you can become intensely sensitive to that touch... to the sensation on your skin... Distraction Induction
 - - - - -  
 - - - - - The rest of this script is in the Erotic Hypnosis Collection - - - - -  
 - - - - -  
 and as you feel that touch on your skin... you begin to feel a warmth spreading through your body... a tingling... alive feeling... as your body relaxes even more... you can become aware of sensual feeling stirring... rising... as I touch each part... it is like a tingle there... arousing... opening ... you can enjoy being sexual… to be wild and free... ready for anything now…Dtouch = response
  [and then continue with sexual activity]   

This script is part of the Erotic Hypnosis Collection.


Not available as a single script. 

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