Erotic Facial Massage Induction


Erotic Facial Massage Induction

Hypnotize her through her eyes

The erotic facial massage script is based on inclining the closed eyes to create an induction. This combined with a gentle erotic touch increases sexual response. It creates a longer lasting orgasm. In an erotic induction script you keep slowly stroking... whispering suggestions...  suggesting  sexual feelings... most women become sexually aroused very quickly.



Extract  from Facial Massage Sex Foreplay script


 Erotic Induction - the SET UP comments
PositionArrange things so your lover is lying face up with her head in your lap or in the crook of your arm, relaxed, someplace quiet where you won't be disturbed. This induction does not require her to be stretched out, so it is good to use in a car or someplace not in a bedroom...  
ReachGet her to loosen what she is wearing at the top, and unbutton or unzip any tight clothing lower down. Make sure you are both comfortable in your positions. You need to be able to touch her face without straining.  

Erotic Hypnotic Induction

 In a moment I am going to touch you on the forehead... and that will start the process of letting your mind relax... but before you do that I want you to relax your body... Seeding
 so take a deep breath... and as you let it go.... close your eyes and relax... that's right.... really let go.... breathing induction
 and still with your eyes closed... take another deep breath and let it all out.... feel that relaxation...  
 and now lift your shoulders and drop them down.... tense and relax your arms... tense and relax your legs... become aware of the weight of your body.... enjoy letting go of everything... Physical relaxation
 that's right... and now keeping your eyes closed... begin to slowly move your eyes around under your eyelids.... side to side... up and down.... whatever you like.... Disorientation
 In a moment I am going to touch you on the forehead.... [put your finger on her forehead... in the center in line with the gap between her eyebrows. Just rest it there.] Dissociation
 Now become aware of exactly where you feel that touch. Focus attention
 Now still with the eyelids closed.... move your eyes under those eyelids so that both eyes are turned upwards and inwards to look at the point where you are feeling the touch... [keep your finger on her forehead. Do not move it or do anything else.] Disorientiation
 really turn up your eyes and focus on where the touch is....  
 keep focusing on where the touch is... narrow the focus
 [now lift your finger up and then put it down again on her forehead, very very softly. Keep slowly lifting it and putting it back down gently, barely touching her skin.] External stimulus
 And as you feel that touch... each time you feel that touch you are feeling yourself going into trance... deeper and deeper with each gentle touch....>pace and lead
 - - - - -  
 - - - The rest of this script is in the Erotic Hypnosis Scripts Collection - - -  
 - - - - -  
  [and then continue with sexual activity]   

This script is part of the Erotic Hypnosis Collection.


Not available as a single script. 

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